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Friday, July 27, 2012

Flashback Friday: Caboodles!

Sorry boys, but you might not understand the obsession with this one!

Caboodles. Enough said, right? They were an adolescent girl's pride and joy back in the 90's. We used them to store everything from nail polishes to stickers to hair scrunchies. Anything girly could be, and was, easily stored in these travel-friendly, hard-plastic, pink treasure chests.

Image: Mirror80
Today, Caboodles are starting to make a comeback and are aiming at the same age group that once treasured the iconic pink boxes. Now Caboodles are hot and versatile and perfect for the fashion-forward, savvy young woman who is a serious neat freak.
Image: Kaboodle

What did you carry in your Caboodle as a little girl? Are you still carrying one today? What does your grown up Caboodle hold?

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