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Monday, June 25, 2012

20 Things to Do in the Summertime Instead of Sitting in Front of the TV

Summer is a time for going on adventures, but somehow the heat always makes me want to sit inside 24/7 by the beginning of July. So if you're like me, here are some ideas that might help to keep you motivated to enjoy the summer the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

  1. Have a huge water fight. Get together with a bunch of friends and bring water balloons, super soakers, and even a sprinkler. Run around and just go crazy.
  2. Go on a bike ride.
  3. Host a bonfire. Gather your marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers and sit around a fire pit playing games and chatting.
  4. Sit outside. Find a restaurant or bar with patio seating and sit outside with drinks and appetizers (or desserts)!
  5. Get nostalgic. Create a sidewalk chalk mural, play with bubbles, or buy one of those little kiddie pools for your backyard.
  6. Plant a garden.
  7. Get healthy. Head to your backyard and do some yoga, or find a local group that hosts outdoor exercise classes.
  8. Go canoeing or kayaking.
  9. Hunt for bargains. Summer is the time for garage sales and outdoor flea markets.
  10. Have a picnic. Find some picnic tables at a local park or just bring a blanket and your favorite sandwiches and fruits.
  11. Attend an outdoor concert. Many cities have outdoor arenas that host concerts that are cheap or even free.
  12. Spend a day at the beach.
  13. Go on an adventure. Search around your state for companies that take people sky diving or up in hot air balloons. Many of these activities can only be done in the warm months, so now is the time!
  14. Go camping. Even if you don’t have a full weekend to travel, set up a tent in your backyard and pack a bag.
  15. Read. Create a summer reading list and spend the summer reading on your front porch or patio.
  16. Shop at a local farmer’s market.
  17. Go to a local art fair or outdoor festival.
  18. Go on a road trip. Even if you can only spare one day on the weekend, head to some tourist traps in your own state. Haven't you always wanted to see the world's largest ball of yarn or apple pie?
  19. Make margaritas. Or mimosas. Or create a new summer cocktail.
  20. Play backyard games. Ladderball, horseshoes, and bocce ball are all great choices. Invite your friends over for a bbq and then take your pick.
Do you have any fun summer activities to add to this list?

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