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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Welcome to Our Thought Pizza Party!

Hi everyone and welcome to the official launch of Thought Pizza! We've been working really hard to bring you a blog we think you'll enjoy. We want to bring something to the table that most everyone will enjoy (much like pizza), so we have created content that fits into a huge variety of different topics ranging from sports to fashion to technology and more.

To celebrate this launch, we have a day full of different posts - a Thought Pizza Party, if you will. So keep checking back tonight and all day Wednesday to see a preview of the posts that will grace your computer screens on Thought Pizza for well into the foreseeable future.

And if you don't mind, we'd love it if you took a second to complete this super short survey that will help us get to know you just a little better. It's only two (super easy) questions - we promise it won't hurt a bit!

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

So welcome to our Thought Pizza Party! Grab seat and a slice and stick with us for a bit while we awe you with our amazing content!

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